Q: What's WowieStar's Mission?
A: We strive to make WowieStar the safest, functional and most superfun teething toy on the market!
Q: Where is WowieStar made?
A: WowieStar is 100% American. It is proudly designed, produced, and packaged all in the United States.
Q: What is WowieStar made of?
A: Wowiestar is made of USA FDA-certified medical-grade silicone. It's the safest Class USP VI implantable medical-grade silicone: it's even perfectly safe to use as a replacement body part for a human beingfor up to 28 days (but WowieStar is not food! Please don't swallow it).


Q: Where is the manufacturing?
A: Our partner manufacturing is at United States. The manufacturing process is FDA annually audited and ISO 10993 approved.
Q: Compare to other teethers on the market, why is WowieStar so standing out?
A: WowieStar is made of the safest certified medical grade silicone on the market, produced and packaged in the United States to ensure your confidence. It is also the most innovative solution for full coverage from front teeth to back molars. Best of all, it's inspired by nature and super fun and interesting to use!
    Q: Is WowieStar safe in the boiling water?
    A: Yes! WowieStar is safe in temperatures up to 248°F (120°C), so it can be conveniently sterilized in boiling water.
    Q: Is WowieStar safe in the freezer?
    A: Yes, as long as the temperature is higher than -40°F (-40°C). Most home-use freezers run at 0°F (-18°C), so WowieStar should be perfectly safe in your freezer. It won’t come out hardened, so it will never hurt your baby’s fragile gums.
    Q: What's age range to use WowieStar?
    A: We would say 3 months to forever! Even when your child outgrows WowieStar as a teether, it can help older kids build stronger hand muscles as they get ready to hold pencils and crayons for handwriting. It's also great for increasing flexibility, range of motion, and motor skills; It can be heated or cooled for hot and cold therapy and is easy to clean with soap and water. It's also perfect for adults to use for rehabbing and relieving arthritis pain.
    Q: What's the best way to contact WowieStar team?
    A: We’d love to hear from you. Our email address info@wowiestar.com is the best way to get a speedy reply! 
    Q: Do you ship to APO/FFO address?
    A: Yes! We use the US Postal Service to ship to members of the US Military and are proud to do so.