About Us

WowieStar began as a KickStarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/798406314/usa-certified-medical-grade-silicone-teether-teeth), fully funded by supporters all over the world. To develop and manufacture WowieStar, The Orange Lab opened in 2011 as a small family business – mom, dad, and baby Chelsea (nicknamed “Orange”), who was WowieStar’s first product tester. Since then, not much has changed (though Chelsea is now 5 and joined by her 3-year-old brother, Tate!).

We, the parents who co-own The Orange Lab, are both avionics professionals from the Seattle area. In our industry, we were trained to be rigorous, pragmatic and creative: SAFETY and the HIGHEST QUALITY are always our top priorities. But we also believe that individuals who have a vision can change the world – WowieStar was designed to be the safest, most functional, yet also the most super-fun teether in the world. We continue to work hard every day to make sure it is!

We’re also those parents who read every ingredient on food labels and every material on toy boxes. We've always wanted to make sure our kids grow up in the safest environment. That’s why we strive in creating safest, most functional, and super-fun product for kids everywhere.

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